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Sawi HIjau Cameron
A classic non flowering choysum. Grown for its late bolting character with round juicy stems and oval shaped green leaves, this is an early variety where it can be harvested 28 – 32 days after sowing. Usually harvested earlier than normal to acquire its tender taste from stem to leaf.
Min Qty: 1, Max Qty: 10
RM 3.00
Alfalfa Microgreens seeds
- code: K8 weight: 1 kilo
- soak: 4-6 hours
- days to maturity: 5-7 days
- feature: fresh crisp flavor
- sprout method: tray, sack or jar
- culinary use: soups, sandwiches, and salads
Min Qty: 1, Max Qty: 10
RM 40.00


Mini Buffet Kit (300ml x 4 Flavour)
Alternatively if you prefer just the ice cream, this Mini Buffet Kit is for you!
Each Mini Buffet Kit comes in 4 flavours
Min Qty: 1, Max Qty: 0
RM 69.00
Fish head curry (Kari kepala ikan)
Fish head curry is a dish in Malaysian and Singaporean cuisines with mixed Indian and Chinese origins. The head of a red snapper is stewed in a Kerala-style curry with assorted vegetables such as okra and eggplants. It is usually served with either rice or bread, or as a shared dish
Min Qty: 1, Max Qty: 5
RM 49.90


Red Snapper / Jenahak Merah (Per Piece)
Name: Red Snapper / Jenahak Merah (Per Piece)
Size: Medium
Weight: Est. +/- 850grams - 950grams
Pieces: 1 whole fish cut into Slices
Origin: Straits of Malacca / West Coast Malaysia
Min Qty: 1, Max Qty: 10
RM 42.99


Red Velvet Cake (Whole Cake)
If you have never tasted or heard of a “Red Velvet Cake” before, you are seriously missing out! Red velvet cake probably comes second behind a chocolate cake.

This enticing red velvet cake is famed for its distinctive bright red to dark red colour, with a unique taste, served with cloudy cream cheese, that’s just perfect! It looks gorgeously vibrant, while the taste is even more impressive. Grab one from us today to experience the jaw-dropping and extraordinary taste on your own.
Min Qty: 1, Max Qty: 2
RM 89.00


ARTLINE Supreme EPFS-200 Fine Pen 0.4 Set (30 Colors)
- Code:EPFS20030W
- Format:Paperback
- Publisher:ARTLINE
Min Qty: 1, Max Qty: 99
RM 66.00
Tri Grip Color Pencil 36L
- Code:115875
- Format:Others
- Publisher:Faber-Castell
Min Qty: 1, Max Qty: 99
RM 25.30

Soft Drinks

Coca-Cola Zero Carbonated Drink (320ml x 4)
Coca-Colaâ„¢ is the world's most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history.
Coca-Colaâ„¢ ZERO SUGAR has the same great Coca-Cola taste with zero sugar and zero calories.
Min Qty: 1, Max Qty: 10
RM 6.25
Schweppes Soda Water (300ml x 4)
Schweppes Soda Water is an iconic British soft drink that can be enjoyed on its own or as mixers with your favorite beverage.
Min Qty: 1, Max Qty: 10
RM 27.90


Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Eau De Toilette
Essence of bergamot, Essence of Damascus rose and peony, White musks
Min Qty: 1, Max Qty: 5
RM 370.00
Sauvage Eau De Toilette
An aromatic fougere fragrance for modern men, Classy, crisp, spicy, clean, warm & uplifting, Top notes of Sichuan pepper & Calabrian bergamot
Min Qty: 1, Max Qty: 5
RM 467.00





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